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Event Catering

Shawn will work with you to build a menu based on your tastes and desires. Shawn brings industry experience and his own unique style but loves to collaborate with clients to build something that will be truly special. His background is in French, Italian, and Japanese cuisine.

All dining styles are possible, including family style dinner parties, lunches, breakfasts, brunches, or similar.

Shawn is also networked to offer a full service including staff, such as kitchen staff and servers. He can also include wine pairings along with a wine professional/sommelier should you desire.

Shawn has experience cooking for a spectrum of dietary restrictions, preferences, and allergies. Vegetarian and Gluten Free specific menu needs are an area of strength for Shawn.

Serves: 15-60

Priced: Per person--

Breakfast/Brunch: ~$25-$95+/person

Dinner: $85-$300+/person

Croquembouche of canelé de Bordeaux
Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Private Dining (Home, Office or Off-Site)

Shawn will work with you to create a more intimate dining experience in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choosing. He is also available to recommend a venue one should you need it. 

His private dining events are individually plated affairs, with individually developed courses. Shawn will also come prepared with printed menus, availalble to explain individual dishes to guests or family members. Full clean-up and maintanence are included.

Serves: 6-14

Priced: Per-person- Dinner: $125-$400+

Cooking Classes & Demonstrations

Shawn can create an elegant curriculum or agenda mentoring individuals on a variety of cooking techniques and methods. Teaching lessons range from: basic knife skills and safety, grilling, fresh pasta, braising, roasting, to even pastry techniques such as canele de Bordeaux, macarons, or soufflé's.

Shawn is available for one-off classes as well as a series. He has hosted classes at a number of venues around the world such as Abu Dhabi and Madrid Fusion as well as locally in San Francisco at SF Cooking School and a number of private residences. He is networked to provide a venue should you need one.

Serves: 4-8

Pricing: Per-head- $150-$250+/person

Shawn leading a pastry masterclass in Abu Dhabi

Shawn leading a pastry masterclass in Abu Dhabi


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