Shawn Gawle

Pastry & Savory Chef

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Shawn has spent years working in some of America's most highly regarded kitchens. He has used his training to translate simple philosophies to the restaurant and hospitality world.


Chef Gawle is a trained pastry and savory cook currently serving as the Executive Pastry Chef at Quince & Cotogna restaurants in San Francisco. Quince has recently been awarded the coveted Three Michelin stars in the 2017 San Francisco Michelin Guide.

Prior to joining Quince, he assisted famed sommelier, Mark Bright with the opening of a Burgundian wine bar and bistro, Les Clos, as head chef.

Before opening Les Clos he worked as the pastry chef at Saison--  a member of the team instrumental in helping it evolve from a Mission District pop-up to to a 3-michelin star restaurant in SoMa.  


More About Shawn

Formally trained as a savory cook, Shawn began his career in Chicago at Tru under celebrated Chef Rick Tramonto. In 2004, Shawn moved to Philadelphia to be a sous chef at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse, Esquire Magazine’s Best Restaurant of the Year in 2003.

At the Rittenhouse, Shawn worked with the world-renowned Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix, who would become one of his greatest mentors and pique his initial interest in pastry.

After leaving Philadelphia, he worked closely with Chef Laurent Gras to open Bistro du Vent in New York. Next, he was recruited to serve on the opening team at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in New York, which went on to earn three stars from The New York Times.

In 2007, Chef Laurent Gras invited him to join the opening team at L2o, and to serve as his sous chef thereafter. Knowing of Shawn's strong desire to learn pastry, Chef Gras allowed him to spearhead the dessert program at his cutting-edge restaurant.  Which later would also garner 3 michelin stars in the first year Michelin was released in Chicago.

In 2009 Chef Grégory Pugin tapped Shawn as executive pastry chef at the critically acclaimed Veritas in New York City. Here, Shawn’s mastery of classic French technique freed him to channel his creativity and push boundaries with his desserts.

Shawn joined the team at Corton in September 2010 and enjoys collaborating with Chef Liebrandt on a singular vision for Corton's cuisine.

Chef Gawle was named a 2011 New York Rising Star by StarChefs and named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Pastry Chefs of 2012.


"[Shawn] combines modernist and classic techniques to create thoughtful, elegant, French-inflected dishes."